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In 1999 the Joint-Stock Company ôROSCHALSKY CHEMICAL PLANT ôNORDIXö developed and started producing liquid deicer NORDWAY, the first acetate-based deicer in Russia. Due to its characteristics the product has brought fundamental benefits for its users. As a result since 1998 NORDWAY deicer replaced the harmful urea-and-glycol-based deicers in most Russian airports showing high performance and environmental friendliness. NORDWAY is produced by JSC"RCP "NORDIX" under the Patent of Russian Federation and the license agreement with the deviser, Professor Orlov V.A., Dr. of Chemistry. It is certified by the Government Service of Civil Aviation for compliance with OST 54-0-830.74-99 "Civil airdromes. Chemical anti-icers for artificial surfaces", and is also certified by Gosstandart (State Standard Service) of Russian Federation.

Scope of application:

  • Airports runways;
  • Sea and river ports with complex underground infrastructure, open engineering constructions and service lines;
  • Automobile and combined automobile and railway bridges with metal/concrete load-carrying structure, for retardation of corrosion, against concrete deterioration and chloride and nitrate water pollution;
  • Government roads, to maintain the constant readiness in any weather conditions;
  • Railway and railroad station areas, platforms, pedestrian crossings on railway bridges;
  • Highways and roads with heavy traffic;
  • City roads and sidewalks.

Now JSC" RCP "NORDIX" offers several modifications of the deicer:

1. Nordway
2. Nordway Intensive
3. Nordway Super
4. Nordway-D

JSC" RCP "NORDIX" improves and developes new deicing formulars and technologies working on new anti-ice reagents and technologies

Speaking about nowaday problems, considering requirements of the airports, since 2005 the Joint-Stock Company Roshalsky chemical plant Nordix on the basis of own industrial platform in Voskresensk has started to manufacture the granulated reagent with the improved characteristics under well-known to consumers trade mark N╩╠╠.

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